• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Four - Hope and Consolation

      • Chapter I - Earthly Joys and Sorrows

        • Distaste for Life – Suicide

946. What should we think of people who resort to suicide to escape from the troubles and disappointments of this world?

“Poor spirits, who lack the courage to bear the unhappiness of life. God helps those who suffer valiantly, but not those who have neither strength nor courage. The struggles of life are trials or atonements, and those who bear them with resignation are happy because they receive a great reward! Those who believe that their well-being is a result of chance or luck are quite unfortunate! Chance or luck, to borrow their expressions, may favor them for a time, but afterwards the emptiness of those words becomes apparent.”

a) Are people who drive an unhappy person to commit this desperate act accountable for the consequences of their action?

“Yes, and it is severe because they have to answer for those actions as for a murder.”

Source: Kardecpedia