• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter XII - Moral Perfection

        • Characteristics of the Virtuous Man

918. Are there signs indicating that humans have achieved the progress that will raise them in the spirit hierarchy?

“The elevation of incarnate spirits is demonstrated by the compliance of all their actions in the physical life with God’s law, and by their understanding of spiritual life.”

Truly virtuous individuals are those who practice the law of justice, love and charity, in their purest form. If people question their consciences in regard to their actions, they will ask themselves whether they have violated the law or done anything wrong, whether they have done all the good in their power, whether no one has reason to complain about them, and whether they have done to others everything that they would wish others to do to them.

When people are overwhelmed by feelings of charity and kindness for all, they do good for the sake of doing good, without looking for a reward, and they sacrifice their interests for justice.

They are kind, compassionate and humane to all, because they view everyone as their brothers and sisters, regardless of race or creed.

If God has given them power and wealth, they consider them DEPOSITS confided to them for the general good. They are not arrogant because they know that what God has given God can take away at any time.

When society makes people dependent on them, they treat them with kindness and compassion, as equals before God. They use authority to elevate them morally, rather than crushing them with their pride.

They are indulgent in relation to others’ weaknesses, knowing that they too need indulgence, and remembering Christ’s words, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

They are not vindictive and follow the example of Jesus, forgiving all offenses, as they know that they will only obtain forgiveness as they forgive others and themselves. Finally, they respect the rights of others, as established by the law of nature, as they would want others to respect their rights.

Source: Kardecpedia