• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter X - IX. Law of Liberty

        • Fatalism

859. If death is inevitable at its appointed time, does this also apply to all the accidents that may happen to us over the course of our lives?

“They are often small enough that we can warn you against them, and sometimes help you avoid them by directing your thoughts because we do not like physical suffering. All this is of little importance to the life you have chosen. Fatalism, truly, is the hour at which you are born into and exit the physical life.”

a) Are there incidents that must occur in a life and that spirits cannot help you avert?

“Yes, but you saw those incidents when you chose your life as a spirit. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assume that everything that happens to you was ‘written in the stars’ as people say. An event is often the consequence of something you have done by an act of your own volition. Had you not done that thing, the event would not have taken place. If you burn your finger, it is a trivial inconvenience resulting from your own carelessness and a consequence of matter, not destiny. Only great sorrows, serious events that are capable of influencing your moral state, are predestined by God because they will be useful to your purification and education.”

Source: Kardecpedia