• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter X - IX. Law of Liberty

        • Free Will

846. Does our body influence the acts of our life? If so, does this influence constitute a violation of our free will?

“Spirits are definitely influenced by matter, which may hold them back in their manifestations. This is why, in worlds where the body is less material than on Earth, the faculties are exercised more freely. However, it is important to remember that the instrument does not confer the faculty. You must also distinguish between moral and intellectual faculties. If some individuals have the instinct to commit murder, their spirits possess it, not their bodies. Those who obliterate their thoughts solely to care about matter become like animals and, even worse, they no longer try to protect themselves from iniquity. This constitutes culpability, because they act of their own free will.” (See Q367 et. seq. Influence of the Body)

Source: Kardecpedia