• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter X - IX. Law of Liberty

        • Freedom of Conscience

841. Out of respect for the freedom of conscience, should we allow the spread of malevolent theories or doctrines? Should we, instead, try to bring those who are led astray by false principles back to the right path without violating the freedom of conscience?

“Of course, not only is it possible to bring them back to the right path but you should attempt do it so. This should be done by following Jesus’ example, using gentleness and persuasion, and not by resorting to force, which would be worse than the false belief of those whom you are trying to convert. If there is something that ought to be imposed, it is goodness and fraternity, but we do not believe that the means for doing so is violence: beliefs cannot be imposed by violence.”

Source: Kardecpedia