• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter IX - VIII. Law of Equality

        • Equality in Death

824. Is funeral pomp and circumstance reprehensible under all circumstances?

“No, it is fair when honoring the life of dignified individuals, and it conveys a good example.”

The grave is the inevitable end of all human distinctions and the destiny of all human beings. Erecting ostentatious monuments is a vain attempt by wealthy individuals to immortalize the memory of their lives. Time will destroy these monuments as surely as it will destroy their bodies. The memories of their deeds, whether good or bad, are more resistant than their tombs. The pomp of their funerals will neither wash away their immoral actions nor raise them a single step on the ladder of the spirit hierarchy. (See Q320 et seq.)

Source: Kardecpedia