• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter IX - VIII. Law of Equality

        • Equality in Death

823. Where does the desire of immortalizing one’s memory through funeral monuments originate?

“It is the last act of pride.”

a) Is the extravagance of funeral monuments more commonly due to relatives who want to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones, than to the desire of the deceased themselves?

“It is an act of pride on the part of relatives who want to glorify themselves. These demonstrations are not always for the deceased rather they gratify their own vanity by making an impression on others and displaying wealth. Do you think that the memory of their loved ones is less strong in the hearts of the poor, because they can only place a single flower to lie upon their graves? Do you think that marble can save the name of a person who has led a useless life on Earth from oblivion?”

Source: Kardecpedia