• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter VIII - VII. Law of Progress

        • Influence of Spiritism on Progress

800. Should we be concerned that Spiritism may fail to triumph over the negligence of human beings and their attachment to material things?

“This question demonstrates a very superficial knowledge of human nature, if one could believe that any cause could transform them by mere charm or enchantment. Ideas change gradually, depending on the individual, and several generations are needed for the complete eradication of old habits. Therefore, the transformation of humankind can be carried out only over the course of time, slowly, and step by step. With each new generation, part of the veil evaporates, and Spiritism will dissolve it entirely. In the meantime, even if it only cures human beings of a single fault, this is a step forward. This would be a tremendous accomplishment because this first step would make the rest much easier.”

Source: Kardecpedia