• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter VIII - VII. Law of Progress

        • The March of Progress

780. Does moral progress always follow intellectual progress?

“It is the result, but it does not always follow it immediately.” (See Q192-365)

a) How can intellectual progress lead to moral progress?

“By making human beings gain an understanding of good and wrongdoing they can then choose between them. The development of free will follows the development of intelligence and increases the accountability of human actions.”

b) How is it then that the most enlightened nations are often the most deviant?

“Complete and integral progress is the purpose of life, but nations, like individuals, reach it gradually. Until the moral sense is developed, they may even employ their intelligence in doing evil. Moral sense and intellect are two forces that are balanced over the course of time.” (See Q365-751)

Source: Kardecpedia