• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter VII - VI. Law of Society

        • Life of Isolation – Vow of Silence

772. What should we think of the vow of silence prescribed by certain religious groups since ancient times?

“You should ask yourselves whether speech is found in nature, and why God has created it. God condemns the abuse, but not the use, of the faculties that have been gifted to humankind. Silence is useful because you gather your thoughts when you practice it. Your spirit has more freedom and can enter into more intimate communication with us. However, a vow of silence is absurd. Those who view these voluntary deprivations as acts of virtue are prompted by a good intention, but they make a mistake in doing this because they do not truly understand God’s laws.”

The vow of silence, as the vow of isolation, deprives human beings of the social interactions that provide the opportunities of doing good and fulfilling the law of progress.

Source: Kardecpedia