• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter VI - V. Law of Destruction

        • Capital Punishment

763. Is the restriction of the number of cases in which the death penalty is enforced an indication of progress in civilization?

“Is there any doubt? Are you not revolted when you read about the human massacres that were once carried out in the name of justice, and often in honor of God? What about the torture inflicted on the condemned, and even on the accused, to coerce a confession for crimes that they often had not committed? If you had lived during those times, you would have thought that this was all very natural, and if you had been a judge, you probably would have done the same. What seems right in one time is barbaric in another. Only God’s laws are eternal, while societal laws change as human beings progress. They will continue to change until they are in harmony with God’s laws.”

Source: Kardecpedia