• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter IV - Vital Principle

        • Intelligence and Instinct

75. Is it correct to say that the instinctive faculties taper as intellectual faculties develop?

“No, instinct always exists, but humans dismiss it. Instinct, like reason, may lead us in the right direction. It always guides us, and sometimes even more surely than reason. It never goes astray.”

a) Why is reason not always a foolproof guide?

“It would be, if it were not corrupted by poor education, pride, and selfishness. Instinct does not reason. Reason provides freedom of choice and gives individuals free will.”

Instinct is a primary form of intelligence, differing from intelligence in that it is often spontaneous, while intelligence is the result of planning and deliberate action. Instinct can manifest itself very differently between species based on their needs. In beings that possess self-consciousness and the perception of things outside themselves, it is associated with intelligence, i.e., freedom of action and will.

Source: Kardecpedia