• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter IV - III. Law of Reproduction

        • Marriage and Celibacy

699. For some people, can celibacy be a sacrifice they make to devote themselves to serving humanity completely?

“That is a very different matter, I said ‘for selfish reasons’. When carried out for a noble purpose, any sort of personal sacrifice is laudable. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the merit.”

God cannot be in contradiction with, or find fault in, creation. Therefore, God cannot commend any violation of Divine or Natural laws. While celibacy alone is not praiseworthy, it may become such when depriving oneself the joy of having a family is a sacrifice made in the interest of humanity. Every sacrifice of personal interest, when made for the good of others and no self-interest whatsoever, raises human beings above the level of their physical condition.

Source: Kardecpedia