• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter IV - III. Law of Reproduction

        • Obstacles to Reproduction

693. Do the laws society create to hamper reproduction conflict with the laws of nature?

“Whatever thwarts nature conflicts with the general law.”

a) For many species of animals and vegetables, unrestricted reproduction would be harmful to other species and would be destructive to the human race. Is it wrong for humankind to stop their reproduction?

“God has given human beings, over all the other living beings on the planet, a power that should be used for the general good and not for abuse. They may regulate reproduction according to their needs, but they should not completely obstruct it without good reason. Human intelligence is a counterweight granted by God for restoring balance to the forces of nature. Once again, humans are set apart from animals because they are conscious of this process, while animals unconsciously contribute to maintaining the balance of nature through their instinct of destruction. This animal instinct, while maintaining their survival, also causes them to stop the excessive development of the animals and vegetables that they consume, which would otherwise become an imminent source of danger.”

Source: Kardecpedia