• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • Sacrifices

671. What should we think of “religious” wars? It seems that the sentiment that induces a nation of fanatics to exterminate the greatest possible number of people who do not share their beliefs, in order to please God, comes from the same source as that which formerly led them to massacre their fellow beings as sacrifices.

“These wars are encouraged by wicked spirits and the humans who wage them place themselves in direct opposition to God’s will, which is that all human beings should love their brothers and sisters as they love themselves. All religions, or rather all people, worship the same God, regardless of the name they use. Why then would one attempt to exterminate the other simply because they believe in different religions, or because one has not yet reached the same degree of enlightenment as that of the aggressor? People may be excused for not believing in the word of the one who was animated by the Spirit of God and sent by God, especially since they have not seen him and have not witnessed the divine acts. In any event, how can you honestly hope that they would heed his message of peace, when you try to force it upon them with violence? It is true that they need to be enlightened and it is your duty to try to teach them Christ’s doctrine. However, this must be done calmly and peacefully, not through violence. Consider that most of you do not believe in the communications we have with some humans. How could you then expect strangers to believe your claims in regard to this fact, if your acts contradict what you preach?”

Source: Kardecpedia