• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter IV - Vital Principle

        • Organic and Inorganic Beings

67. Is vitality a permanent attribute of the vital agent, or is it only developed by the functioning of the organs?

“It is only developed with a body. Have we not established that this agent does not constitute life without matter? The union of the two is necessary for life to exist.”

a) Is it correct to say that vitality is dormant when the vital agent is not united with a body?

“Yes, exactly.”

The organs of the body together form a mechanism that is impelled by their intrinsic action or vital principle residing within them. The vital principle is the driving force of organic bodies. While the vital principle compels the organs in which it resides, the functioning of those organs further develops and sustains the activity of the vital principle, in the same manner that friction develops heat.

Source: Kardecpedia