• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • Prayer

665. What should we think of the opinion that rejects the idea of praying for the dead because it is not noted in the Gospel?

“Christ preached to all humanity to ‘Love one another.’ This implies the duty of using every possible means of showing affection for each other, without going into any details in terms of reaching that end. If it is true that nothing can stop the Creator from applying absolute justice, then your prayer, on behalf of suffering spirits, is accepted as proof of honor and acknowledgment, which never fails to bring relief to the subjects. As soon as those for whom you pray show the slightest sign of repentance, and only then, help is sent to them. They are always informed that a sympathetic heart has thought of them, and they are always left with the consoling impression that this friendly intervention has been of use to them. Therefore, your prayer induces gratitude and affection for the friend who has given them this proof of kindness and pity. The mutual love that Christ shines upon all humankind either develops further or awakens between you and them. Both you and those for whom you pray will have obeyed the law of love and union imposed on all the beings of the universe, a Divine law that will introduce the reign of unity and harmony, the ultimate goal of all spirits.”

The spirit of Mr. Monod

Source: Kardecpedia