• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • Prayer

664. Is there any point in praying for the dead or suffering spirits? If so, in what way can our prayers alleviate or shorten their suffering? Do they have the power to escape God’s justice?

“Prayer has no effect on God’s designs, but the spirits for whom you pray are consoled by your prayers because you are showing them proof of your interest. They are comforted by the kindness of those who are compassionate towards their pain. Your prayers may also motive them to repent and to do everything within their power to become happy. This is how you may shorten the term of their suffering, provided that they support your action by that of their own wills. This desire for betterment, motivated by your prayers, attracts higher spirits who come to enlighten them, console them and give them hope. Jesus prayed for the sheep that went astray, and in so doing showed that you, in order to have a clear conscience, must do the same for those who desperately need your prayers.”


Source: Kardecpedia