• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • Prayer

663. Can we avoid our trials or change their nature by praying for ourselves?

“Your trials are in God’s hands, and there are some through which you must persevere right to the very end. God always takes into account the submission with which they are endured. Prayer calls good spirits to your side who give you strength to bear these trials with courage, so that they seem less severe. Prayer is never useless when it is sincere, because it gives you strength, which is important. After all, ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves.’ God could not change the natural circumstances to suit the various opposing demands that are made, because what appears to be a great misfortune to you, from your narrow perspective, and in relation to your temporary life on Earth, is often a great blessing for the general order of the universe. Anyway, how many troubles in life do humans create for themselves through their own short-sightedness or wrongdoing! One is punished where one has sinned. However, reasonable requests are granted more often than you believe. You think your prayer has not been answered because God has not produced a miracle for you, while in fact God has actually assisted you in such a natural manner that it seems to have been the effect of chance or the ordinary course of events. God even suggests the thought of what you must do to help yourselves when in trouble or when experiencing any kind of difficulty.”

Source: Kardecpedia