• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • External Worship

655. Is it wrong to participate in ceremonies and practice the sacraments of a religion in which we do not sincerely believe, when done out of respect for our loved ones and acquaintances and in order not to offend those who think differently?

“As in so many other things, the intention determines the worth of the act. When a person is simply showing respect for the beliefs of others, it is not wrong. This is better than the person who ridicules them because that would show a lack of charity. However, those who carry out such practices simply for selfish motives or ambition are despicable in the eyes of God and humanity. God gets no gratification or joy out of seeing those who pretend to humble themselves solely for the approval of their fellow human beings.”

Source: Kardecpedia