• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter II - I. Law of Worship

        • External Worship

654. Does God prefer any specific type of worship?

“God prefers people who sincerely worship from the heart by doing good and avoiding wrongdoing, over those who follow elaborate rituals or ceremonies but are not truly better than their neighbors.”

“All human beings are brothers and sisters, and also God’s children. God calls out to everyone who follows Divine or natural laws, no matter how they show their deference and respect.”

“People who are only superficially pious are hypocrites. When their worship is only a sham and contradicts their behavior, they set a bad example.”

“Those who claim to worship Christ yet are proud, spiteful, jealous, cruel and unforgiving of others, ambitious for material goods, I declare to you that they have religion for outward appearances only and not in their hearts, God who sees everything will say: ‘Those who know the truth and do not follow it is a hundredfold more guilty in the evil they do than the ignorant savage, and will be treated accordingly on judgment day.’ You can excuse a blind man if he runs into you as he passes by. If the same thing is done by a man who can see you, you complain and with good reason.”

“Do not ask if any specific form of worship is more acceptable than another because that is akin to asking if God prefers to be worshiped in one language over another. Remember that the hymns addressed to God can only reach their target through the heart.”

Source: Kardecpedia