• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Three - Moral Laws

      • Chapter I - Divine or Natural Law

        • Knowledge of Natural Law

619. Has God given all human being the means of knowing God’s laws?

“While all may know it, they do not all understand it. Those who understand it best are righteous individuals and those who want to examine it. Everyone will understand them one day, as progress must be fulfilled.”

The justice of the multiple human incarnations is a consequence of this principle, since with each new existence, one’s intelligence is more developed and the individual understands more clearly what is good and what is bad. If everything had to be fulfilled by each person in a single existence, what would be the fate of the millions of human beings who die every day in the atrocities of savagery, or in the shadow of ignorance, without having had the opportunity of obtaining enlightenment? (See Q177 and Q222)

Source: Kardecpedia