• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter XI - The Three Kingdoms

        • Animals and Humans

604. As the advanced animals from higher worlds are inferior to humans, it would seem as though God created intellectual beings destined for eternal inferiority. Such an arrangement does not appear to comply with the unity of design and progress evident in all God’s creation.

“Everything in nature is connected by a link that your intellect cannot yet grasp, and the most apparently incongruent things have points of contact that humans will never understand in their current state. They may catch a brief glimpse of them by exercising their intelligence, however it is only when that intelligence has reached its full development and frees itself from the prejudices of pride and ignorance that human beings will be able to clearly understand God’s work. Until then, their narrow scope of thought causes them to look at everything from an inconsequential point of view. God cannot be self-contradictory, and everything in nature obeys the harmony of general laws that never deviate from the transcendent wisdom of our Creator.”

a) So, is intelligence a common property and a point of contact between the souls of animals and humans?

“Yes, but animals only have the intelligence of material life. In human beings, intelligence yields moral life.”

Source: Kardecpedia