• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter III - Creation

        • Existence of Multiple Worlds

58. Are the planets farthest removed from the sun deprived of light and heat, since the sun only appears to be a tiny star to them?

“Are you assuming that there are no other sources of light and heat than the sun? Are you completely dismissing electricity which, in some worlds, plays a role unknown to you and which is much more important than the role it plays on Earth? Besides, how do you know that the beings of those worlds see the same way you do, with organs like yours?”

The conditions of existence for the beings inhabiting different worlds must be adapted to the world in which they are destined to live. If we had never seen fsh, we would not be able to comprehend how any living being could survive in water. This same idea applies to all the other worlds, which most likely contain elements that are unknown to us. On our own planet, the long polar nights are illuminated by the electrical displays of the aurora borealis, commonly called the northern lights. Is it impossible to imagine that electricity may be more abundant in other worlds compared to ours, and play a role that we cannot even fathom? According to this argument, those worlds could contain different sources of heat and light required by their inhabitants.

Source: Kardecpedia