• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter X - Spirit Occupations and Missions

577. When a person does something useful, is it a predestined mission or can it be an unanticipated one?

“Not all productive activities engaged in by human beings are the result of a predestined mission. Individuals are often the instruments of spirits who use them to obtain something they consider useful. For example, a spirit might seek out a writer to publish a book that it considers useful and would write it itself if incarnated. The spirit finds the writer who could best understand and develop its idea, suggests the plan of the book, and direct its completion. In such a case, the writer did not come into the world with the mission of doing this work. It is the same with regard to various works of art or scientific discoveries. While asleep, the incarnate spirit directly communicates with the errant spirit, and they collaborate in the endeavor.”

Source: Kardecpedia