• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter X - Spirit Occupations and Missions

574. What is the mission of those who are deliberately idle on Earth?

“There are human beings who live only for themselves, and do not make themselves useful in any manner whatsoever. They should be pitied, because they will have to make amends for their voluntary uselessness through severe suffering. Their atonement often begins even in their present life, through their weariness and disgust of life.”

a) Why did they choose a life that could not be of any use to them, since they had the freedom of choice?

“Just like human beings, some spirits are lazy and avoid a life of labor. God leaves them to their devices because they eventually learn the consequences of their uselessness, and then eagerly ask to be allowed to make up for lost time. They may even have chosen a more useful life, but abandoned the trial and allowed themselves to be misled by spirits who encouraged them to remain inactive.”

Source: Kardecpedia