• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter X - Spirit Occupations and Missions

566. Does a spirit who has held a special occupation on Earth, such as a painter or an architect for example, take a special interest in the fields they preferred on Earth?

“Everything is merged into one general goal. Good spirits are interested in whatever enables them to assist others in rising closer to God. Furthermore, a spirit may have practiced an art during the existence in which you knew them could have practiced another in another lifetime. Remember, spirits must know everything to be perfect. To achieve maximum advancement, they must have no specialty, which is a point I alluded to in saying that everything merges into one general goal. Take note that what seems sublime to you in your rudimentary world, would be nothing more than child’s play in higher worlds. How can you presume that spirits inhabiting these higher worlds would admire what, in their eyes, is the work of a child, when they have arts and sciences that transcend your senses? As I have already stated: they examine whatever may indicate progress.”

a) We understand that this is the case with very advanced spirits. However, what about more common spirits who have not yet risen above human ideas?

“That is a different story. Their perspective is narrower in scope, and they may admire what you admire.”

Source: Kardecpedia