• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IX - Intervention of Spirits on the Physical World

        • Role of Spirits in Natural Phenomena

536. Are natural phenomena, which we consider a disruption of the elements, due to chance or is there a purpose behind them?

“There is a reason for everything. Nothing takes place without God’s permission.”

a) Do these phenomena always have a reference to humankind?

“Sometimes they have a direct reference to humans, but they often have no other purpose than to re-establish the balance and harmony of the physical forces of nature.”

b) We acknowledge that God’s will must be the primary cause of these phenomena, but since we know that spirits can in fact act upon matter and that they are agents of God’s will, we would ask whether some among them could not exert an influence the elements in order to rouse, calm or direct them.

“But that is obvious; it could not be otherwise. God does not exercise direct action upon matter. God has faithful agents in every degree of worlds.”

Source: Kardecpedia