• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IX - Intervention of Spirits on the Physical World

        • Influence of Spirits in Life Events

531. Does the turpitude of those who have done us harm on Earth end in the physical life?

“In many cases they realize the unfairness of their actions and regret the wrong they have done to you. In other cases they continue to pursue you with their animosity, if God permits them to do so, as a continuation of your trial.”

a) Can we put an end to this sort of torture? If so, by what means?

“In many cases, you can do so by praying for them. Make them good in spite of their wickedness and you will gradually make them see that they are wrong. In all cases, they will stop attacking you if you can show them that you are able to rise above their behavior with patience, seeing that they gain nothing by their misdeeds.”

Experience proves that imperfect spirits wreak their vengeance from one life to another, and that we are forced to make amends, sooner or later, for the wrongs we may have done to others.

Source: Kardecpedia