• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IX - Intervention of Spirits on the Physical World

        • Guardian Angels: Protective, Familiar and Sympathetic Spirits

514. Are “familiar spirits” the same as “sympathetic spirits” and “protective spirits”?

“There are many levels of protection and sympathy, and you may call them whatever you like. A ‘familiar spirit’ is usually a friend of the home.”

Based on the above explanations and observing the nature of spirits connected to human beings, we can draw the following conclusions:

Protective spirits, familiar spirits or guardian angels have a mission to accompany the individuals they are protecting over the course of their lives and help them to advance. The degree of perfection in these protective spirits is always superior to that of their charges.

Familiar spirits connect with specific people, for longer or short period of time, to be useful to them within the confines of their possibilities, which can be quite narrow. They have the best intentions, but sometimes can be inappropriate and even flippant.

They are concerned with the everyday details of human life and only act when permitted or ordered by a protective spirit.

Sympathetic spirits are drawn to us by personal affection, and similar good or bad inclinations. The length of their relationship with us is almost always dependent on circumstances.

A wicked spirit is an imperfect or perverse spirit who connects with someone in order to corrupt them. It acts of its own volition with no mission and its persistence is proportionate to the access granted to it. A person is always free to follow the suggestions of a bad spirit or to resist them.

Source: Kardecpedia