• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IX - Intervention of Spirits on the Physical World

        • The Possessed

476. Could the allure of a wicked spirit be so complete that the victim is unaware of it? In such a case, could a third party end the overpowering? If so, what condition should the person fulfill?

“The willpower of a moral individual may be useful by attracting the cooperation of good spirits. The more honest a person is, the more power that person has to drive away imperfect spirits and attract good ones. Nevertheless, this third person would be helpless in such a case if the one who is subjugated were open to the efforts made on his or her behalf. Some individuals delight in dependence that flatters their tastes and desires. Impure individuals at heart cannot exercise any liberating influence, because they are despised by good spirits and bad ones do not fear them.”

Source: Kardecpedia