• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IX - Intervention of Spirits on the Physical World

        • Covert Influence of Spirits on Our Thoughts and Actions

462. Do intelligent people and geniuses always get their ideas from their own minds?

“Their ideas sometimes come from their own spirit, however, they are often suggested to them by other spirits who deem them capable and worthy of understanding and disseminating them. When they do not find the required ideas in themselves, they unconsciously call for inspiration. They make an evocation without even being aware of it.”

If it were useful for us to be able to distinguish between our own thoughts and the ones suggested clearly, God would have given us the means of doing so, just as God has given us the means of distinguishing between day and night. When something is left vague, it is often in our best interest.

Source: Kardecpedia