• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter III - Creation

        • Creation of Living Beings

45. Where were the organic elements before the formation of the Earth?

“They existed in the fluid state in space with the spirits, or on other planets, awaiting the creation of Earth to begin a new life in a new world.”

Chemistry shows us the molecules of inorganic bodies merging to produce invariable crystals for each species, once the conditions are ripe for their combination. The slightest disturbance of those conditions can block the union of material elements, or at least prevent the methodical arrangement of the latter which constitutes the crystal. Is there a reason why this same process cannot take place among organic elements? We preserve the seeds of plants and animals for years, which are then only born at a certain temperature and under certain conditions. Wheat seeds have been known to sprout after centuries. This demonstrates that there is a dormant principle of vitality in seeds, which awaits favorable circumstances to develop. Is it not possible then that that which takes place right before our eyes everyday also has taken place at the birth of our planet? Does this creation of living beings by the forces of nature amidst chaos detract in any way from the awe-inspiring power and glory of God? Quite the opposite, in fact. The interpretation of creation presented by us is more consistent than any other with our sense of God exerting power over all the worlds of infinity through eternal laws. This theory does not resolve the origin of vital elements, but God has mysteries and has put limits on our investigations.

Source: Kardecpedia