• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VIII - Emancipation of the Soul

        • Lethargy and Catalepsy – Apparent Death

424. Is it possible to rejuvenate the ties that were ready to break and restore life to a person who would have died without proper medical assistance in a timely fashion?

“Yes, and you have proof of this every day. Magnetism often exercises a powerful restorative action, because it provides vital fluid to the body, which it needs to keep the organs functioning.”

Lethargy and catalepsy are both a type of temporary loss of sensitivity and power of motion, caused by some unexplained physiological condition. They differ in that in lethargy the overpowering of the vital force is general and gives the body the appearance of death, while in catalepsy, it is localized, and may affect a more or less extensive portion of the body, while leaving intelligence unaffected. Lethargy is always natural and catalepsy is sometimes spontaneous, but it may be artificially produced and also dispelled by magnetic action.

Source: Kardecpedia