• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VIII - Emancipation of the Soul

        • Lethargy and Catalepsy – Apparent Death

423. While the body is in a state of lethargy, can a spirit fully separate from the body, giving it all the visible indications of death, and then come back and inhabit it?

“The body is not dead when experiencing the state of lethargy. The vitality in the body is dormant, however it still maintains some of its functions. Its vitality is dormant, but is not extinguished, and a spirit is tied to its body as long as it is alive. Once the links that bind them are broken by real death and decomposition of the physical organs, the separation is complete and the spirit never returns to that body. When one who is apparently dead comes back to life, it is because death was not fully completed.”

Source: Kardecpedia