• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VIII - Emancipation of the Soul

        • Sleep and Dreams

410. Sometimes, when asleep or half asleep, we have ideas that seem to be excellent, but despite every effort we make to recall them, these ideas are wiped from our memory upon waking. From where do these ideas originate?

“They are the consequence of the freedom of the spirit, who frees itself from the body, and enjoys the use of other faculties when free. They are often advice given to you by other spirits.”

a) What is the purpose of such ideas and advice, since we forget them anyway?

“Those ideas often belong to the spirit world rather than the physical world. However, though the body may forget them, the spirit does not and the idea recurs to it at the right moment when awake, as a sudden inspiration.”

Source: Kardecpedia