• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VII - Return to Physical Life

        • Forgetfulness of the Past

398. As our instinctive predispositions are reflections of our past lives, can we determine the faults we have committed in the past by analyzing these predispositions?

“Of course, up to a certain point. We would also have to take into account the improvement that out spirit may have earned and the resolutions made while in an errant state in the spiritual realm. Our present life may be much better than our previous one.”

a) Could it be worse? Could some individuals commit faults in a subsequent existence that they did commit in the previous one?

“That depends on their advancement. If they were unable to resist temptation, they might commit new faults as consequences of the circumstances they chose. Such faults might indicate a stationary rather than a regressive state, because a spirit never regresses and can only advance or remain stationary.”

Source: Kardecpedia