• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VII - Return to Physical Life

        • Earthly Sympathies and Antipathies

386. Could two beings, who have already known and loved each other, meet in another corporeal existence and recognize each other?

“They may not recognize each another, but they might be attracted to each other. The attraction stemming from the ties of a former life is often the cause of the most intimate unions. In your world, two people are drawn together by circumstances that seem to be chance, but are really due to the attraction of two spirits who are instinctively looking for each other in the crowd.”

a) Would it not be better for them to recognize one another?

“Not always. The recollection of past lives would have more disadvantages than you think. After death they will recognize one another, and then reminisce over the time they spent together.”

Source: Kardecpedia