• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VII - Return to Physical Life

        • Mental Impairment and Insanity

372. What is God’s purpose in creating developmentally impaired beings?

“These individuals are the incarnations of spirits who are undergoing atonement. They suffer from their limitations and inability to express themselves through undeveloped or incapacitated organs.”

a) Would it be incorrect to say that the organs have no influence on the faculties?

“We never said that the organs have no influence. They have a very great influence on the manifestation of the faculties, but they are not their source. There is a huge difference. A skilled musician will not make good music with a bad instrument, but this will not stop the individual from being a good musician.”

One must distinguish between the normal and pathological states. In the normal state, morality trumps material obstacles, but there are cases where matter presents such a strong resistance that it hampers or impairs the manifestations, as in developmental impairments and insanity. These are pathological cases and as the soul does not enjoy full freedom, laws originating from human societies exempt such individuals from the accountability for their actions.

Source: Kardecpedia