• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VII - Return to Physical Life

        • Before the Return

340. Is a spirit’s reincarnation a solemn moment? Does it accomplish this act as something serious and important for it?

“The spirit is like a traveler embarking on a dangerous journey, not knowing if it will drown in the waves beneath its vessel.”

Travelers know what dangers they are risking, but they do not know if they will die or not. The same applies to a spirit. It knows the kind of trials to which it will be submitted, but does not know if it will succumb. As the death of the body is a rebirth for the spirit, reincarnation is like death, or perhaps more accurately like exile and confinement. Spirits leave the spirit world for the physical world just as human beings leave the physical world for the spiritual world. A spirit knows that it is going to reincarnate, just as a human being knows that it will die, but they only become aware of this change at the moment it occurs. It is at this time, that the confusion produced by the change takes hold and lasts until the new existence is fully established. The start of reincarnation is agony for a spirit.

Source: Kardecpedia