• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VI - Spirit Life

        • Spirit Sympathy and Antipathy – Soul Mates

303. May spirits become sympathetic in the future even if they are not so today?

“Yes, they all eventually will. A spirit who is currently in a lower sphere will advance to join another spirit in a higher world. Their reunion will occur sooner if the higher spirit fails any of its trials and remains stationary.”

a) Can two currently sympathetic spirits cease to be so?

“Absolutely, if one of them is lazy.”

The theory of soul mates is merely a figurative representation of the union of two sympathetic spirits, and should not be taken literally. Spirits using this expression do not belong to the higher orders. Hindered by their narrow range of ideas, they have expressed their thoughts using terms that they employed during their physical lives. We must disregard this idea of two spirits created for each other, who must someday be inevitably reunited in eternity after having remained separated for a more or less long period of time.

Source: Kardecpedia