• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter II - General Elements of the Universe

        • Spirit and Matter

27. Therefore, are there two general elements of the universe: matter and the spirit?

“Yes, and God, the Creator of all things is above them. These three elements are the principle of all that exists – the universal trinity. However, the universal fluid must be added to the material elements, it acts as the intermediary between spirit and matter, as the body is too crude for the spirit to be able to act directly on it. Although this fluid may be classified as part of the material element from another perspective, it is distinguished by certain special properties. If it were simply classified as matter, there would be no reason why the spirit could not also be classified as matter. It is something placed between the spirit and matter. It is fluid, just as matter is material, and through countless combinations under the action of the spirit, it can produce an infinite variety of things of which you only know a very small portion. Without this universal, primitive or elementary fluid, the agent employed by the spirit, matter would permanently remain divided, and would never acquire the properties given to it by gravity.”

a) Is this fluid what we call electricity?

“We have said that it is open to countless blends or arrangements. What you call electric fluid, magnetic fluid, and so on, are modifications of the universal fluid, which is only matter of a more perfect and subtle nature. It may be regarded as being independent.”

Source: Kardecpedia