• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VI - Spirit Life

        • Spirit Perceptions, Sensations and Suffering of Spirits

247. Do spirits need to travel to see two different points? For example, can they see the two hemispheres of the Earth at the same time?

“Spirits travel from one point to another at the speed of thought, so in a way they can see everywhere at the same time. A spirit’s thought may radiate at the same time to many different points, but this depends on its purity. The more impure the spirit is, the narrower its range of sight. Only higher spirits can take in everything at a single glance.”

For spirits, sight is intrinsic to their nature and is located in their whole being, as light resides in every part of a luminous body. A universal luminosity extends to time, space, and everything in relation to which darkness or physical obstacles have no existence. In human beings, light acting upon a bodily organ produces sight; therefore, people would be plunged into darkness without light. However, as vision is an attribute of the spirit itself, independent from any external agent, spirit sight is independent of light.

Source: Kardecpedia