• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter VI - Spirit Life

        • Errant Spirits

224. What happens to the soul in between incarnations?

“It becomes an errant spirit, hoping for a new destiny. It is in a state of waiting.”

a) How long can these periods last?

“From a few hours to thousands of centuries. There are no predetermined limits to the errant period, which may carry on for extensive intervals of time but is never perpetual. Sooner or later a spirit is permitted to start a new life to purify its previous lives.”

b) Does the length of time that a spirit is left in the errant state depend on the spirit’s will, or can it be imposed as a means of atonement?

“It is a consequence of the spirit’s free will. Spirits are fully aware of their actions, but, in some cases, it is also a punishment inflicted by God. In others, it has been granted at their own request to enable them to pursue studies that are easier or more effectively carried out in the spirit state.”

Source: Kardecpedia