• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter IV - Multiple Lives

        • Progressive Transmigration

194. Can the soul of a good person inhabit the body of a scoundrel when reincarnated?

“No, because a spirit cannot regress.”

a) Can the soul of a wicked person become that of a good one?

“Yes, if he or she repents, it is a reward.”

Spirit advancement is always progressive and never regressive. They gradually rise in the spirit hierarchy and never regress from the point at which they have arrived. Throughout their different corporeal lives, they may be downgraded as human beings, but not as spirits. Therefore, the soul of a person who has reached the peak of material power may, in a subsequent life, be a modest artisan, and vice versa, because positions among individuals are frequently the inverse of the elevation of their morality. Herod was a king, and Jesus a carpenter.

Source: Kardecpedia