• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter III - Return to the Spirit World From the Physical Life

        • The Soul after Death

150. Does the soul maintain its individuality after death?

“Yes, it never loses it. What would it be if it did not preserve it?”

a) How does the soul retain this consciousness, since it no longer has its material body?

“It still has a unique fluid, which it draws from the atmosphere of its planet and represents the outer shell of its last incarnation – its perispirit.”

b) Does the soul take anything of this life away with it?

“Only the memory of it and the desire to move on to a better world. This memory may be sweet or bitter, depending on the course of the life it has left. The more advanced its purification, the more clearly it recognizes the futility of what it has left behind on Earth.”

Source: Kardecpedia