• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter II - Incarnation of Spirits

        • Materialism

148. It is unfortunate that materialism is a consequence of scientific studies that should, quite the contrary show people the superiority of the Divine Intelligence that governs the world. Should we conclude that those who embrace those studies are dangerous?

“Materialism, rather than being a consequence of those studies, is a false result arrived at by individuals who have drawn incorrect conclusions. These conclusions cause errors in perception and distort practically everything, including the best things. The idea of nothingness perplexes them more than they let on, and those who proclaim their materialistic convictions the loudest are more often than not, brash rather than brave. Most materialists only cling to this belief because they have nothing with which to fill the void. Throw a firm line to those who only see a gaping void before them, and they will grasp it eagerly.”

Source: Kardecpedia