• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter II - Incarnation of Spirits

        • The Soul

141. Is there any truth to the belief that the soul is outside the body and surrounds it?

“The soul is not locked inside the body like a bird in a cage. It radiates in all directions, and manifests itself outside the body as light radiates from a glass globe, or as sound emanates from a loudspeaker. In this sense, the soul can be understood as being outside the body, but it does not envelop the body. The soul has two envelopes: the perispirit, which is its first, innermost envelope, being light and subtle in nature. The other is the body, which is crude, material, and heavy. The soul is the center of both these envelopes, like a nut in its shell, as we have already explained.”

Source: Kardecpedia