• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter II - Incarnation of Spirits

        • The Soul

140. What should we think of the theory that the soul is subdivided into as many parts as there are muscles in the body, each ruling over a bodily function?

“It still depends on the meaning attributed to the word soul. If you equate the soul with the vital fluid, that theory is correct. If the word is used to express an incarnate spirit, it is wrong. We said that a spirit cannot be divided. Therefore, movement is transmitted to the organs through the intermediary fluid, without ever dividing itself up.”

a) All the same, there are spirits who have given this definition.

“Ignorant spirits often mistake the effect for the cause.”

The soul acts through organs, and those organs are given life by the vital fluid distributed among them, and more abundantly in those that constitute the centers or focus of movement for each organism. This explanation is no longer acceptable when the term soul is used to signify a spirit that inhabits the body during life and vacates it at death.

Source: Kardecpedia