• The Spirits' Book

    • Book One - First Causes

      • Chapter I - God

        • Pantheism

14. Is God a distinct being, or as some believe, the result of all the forces and intelligences of the universe combined?

“If it were the former, God would not be God because the work of creation would be an effect and not the cause. God cannot be both the cause and effect.”

“God exists. You cannot doubt this, and that is a crucial point. Do not try to go beyond it. Do not get lost in a labyrinth from which you will never find an exit. Trying to go farther will not make you any better; instead, it would only increase your pride by causing you to believe that you know something, while in reality you know nothing. Cast aside all these systems. You have enough to worry about that directly affects you, beginning with yourselves. Study your own imperfections so that you may shed them. This will be far more useful to you than any attempt to penetrate the impenetrable.”

Source: Kardecpedia